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Winter Saree Blouse Designs

Winter Saree Blouse Designs

Have to attend a close friend"s wedding during the winter season? We all know auspicious wedding season is from December to February. Our hankering to be the cynosure shouldn"t make us fall ill. So, try to modify your attire to juxtapose with chilly winds.

Saree is the first choice for all girls when it comes to wedding apparel. Wearing a jacket or a coat over a saree can annihilate the sumptuousness of the saree. So, the best suitable option to protect yourself from the cruel winder winds while donning a saree is to get your blouse stitched in a winter-friendly manner. There is colossal variety in the designs suitable for fall-winter season!

Think retro! Get your blouse stitched in full sleeves. Apart from giving a dainty look, it will also protect you from winter blues. Bangled sleeves are another great option. It ruffles along the end to give an illusion as if you are wearing bangles. It looks very trendy. Appliqu work on full sleeve blouse is an apotheosis of outlandish blouse designs. Rhinestone and Swarovski work can also be used to ameliorate the beauty of full sleeves. If you think opaque full sleeves isn"t your style, then try transparent or semi transparent full sleeves. Net, organza or tissue fabric can be used to create sleeves that won"t make you look "petrified from the weather" yet would keep you snug. Intricate detailing with lace on transparent sleeves will make you look piquant. But avoid heavy work on the sleeves if your saree is generously embellished. But if the saree is simple, be audacious enough to try gaudily embroidered sleeves.

Avoid backless cholis in winters. It does not mean you will have to get your blouse designed in frumpish manner. You can use net or lace to cover up! It will conceal your body in an apt manner while seductively giving a glimpse of your velvet-smooth skin. If you cannot flaunt your shapely back, play around with necklines. Necklines play an imperative role in deciding the pulchritude of your blouse. Since you will have to keep the back and arms covered, it is time to flaunt some skin of your neck and shoulders. Boat neck design with full sleeves will protect you from the harsh winter season but will also exude your laudable sense of style. Scalloped neck looks cool. It doesn"t have to be very deep in order to look nice. Sweetheart neckline has been the most favorite of many women since ages. A broad square cut or a horse shoe neck design look amazing with full sleeves.

In winters, you can try fully embellished blouses. They are heavy and can keep you warm. Don"t forget to get the lining done within your blouse. It will make the cloth more firm and thick. There is no obligation about the length of the blouse. Since the back and arm design doesn"t expose too much skin, you can keep the blouse short to flaunt your sexy waist! Keeping these things in mind, you can design your blouse to be in sync with the winter season.

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